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Student housing

Rotterdam is the university city of Europe, and each year, thousands of students flock to this city to start their education. All these students also need housing. This is where NIYA Student Rooms jumps in to help them find the perfect student housing. Below, you can check out our student housing offer in Rotterdam and Delft.

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NIYA’s diverse student housing offer

With over fifteen years of experience in the rental business, with specialization in student housing, NIYA is able to offer a wide range of different types of student houses from which both international and national students can pick. The diverse offer includes student studios, student apartments and many types of student rooms.

Student housing in Rotterdam

Student housing in Rotterdam is a hot topic nowadays. Not only among students but also in politics. Many inhabitants of Rotterdam don’t like to have student houses among them as they are afraid it might bring noise nuisance. But we at NIYA, and many other rental agencies who deal with student housing, offer a different kind of view. By combining regular rental apartments with student housing, we create hybrid apartment complexes, which work out great most of the time. This results in a more community feeling, making the place more lively.

Moreover, the increasing number of student houses in Rotterdam is bringing more international students to the city, creating more jobs and also bringing more employees. Therefore, the increase in student housing is a good thing for both the economy of Rotterdam and its labour market.

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Are you interested in one of the student houses that NIYA offers? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to schedule a viewing or help you find a student house that suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to check out our student houses in Delft. And if you have any question, give us a call!