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Student studio

If you are going to study in the Netherlands and do not want housemates, the best thing to rent is a student studio. A studio is a tiny apartment that often has a much lower price than a student apartment and does not cost much more than a student room or a college rental.

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Why rent a studio?

Renting a studio comes with many benefits. First of all, it offers you much more privacy than a normal student room or college rental. Most of the time, you have your own living room, bathroom and kitchen. Because of this, a studio offers you the most comfortable way to live in Rotterdam while finishing your studies. Not only is it quieter in a studio, but it is also easier to invite friends and family over as you do not have to discuss this with your housemates first.

The demand for student studios is increasing each year. We especially see older students looking for this type of property. Compared to students in their first years, students in their last or final years are likely to have a greater urge to live on their own and be a lot more serious about their studies and careers. A studio is a perfect place to stay in for them.

Student studio Rotterdam

There are various types of student studios in Rotterdam. For example:

  • There is a type with their own bathroom, living room and kitchen, all in separate rooms.
  • There also is a type where your kitchen, bedroom and living room are all in the same room. Your studio then exists out of one big room.
  • But there are also studios which are almost the size of apartments. In that case, it is called a student studio because you share the staircase with a different student studio.

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So, are you moving to the Netherlands and would you like the privacy of a student studio in order to do your studies well and to make the best out of your career? Then you should check out our website, where we offer a lot of studios. In addition, these studios are also available for young professionals. So please be sure to contact us when you are looking for a student studio!