Student apartments

In the Netherlands, thousands of international students are looking for some sort of student housing. This number is growing bigger and bigger each year. And with the decreasing number of available student rooms due to government regulations and building authority rules, NIYA started renting out student apartments.

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What is a student apartment?

Student apartments are apartments that are specially designed and developed for students. Most of the time, these apartments are located in central locations so that students can quickly reach their university. This also allows them to easily stroll out of their student apartment straight into the city centre. That is why student apartments give you the best experience in Rotterdam!

Student apartment Rotterdam

Are you going to Rotterdam, something that many international students are doing because of the quality of education and living? Then a student apartment might be something for you since it is affordable, and a student apartment comes with the same comfort as renting a student room. For instance, the landlord fixes almost every problem in your student apartment for you. So, if you are coming to the Netherlands together with a friend or you have a friend at the university, then a student apartment might be something for you! Most student apartments do not require an income and you can rent them with a guarantor. This way, you can rent a student apartment as a student easily and affordably.

NIYA’s student apartments

Most of the student apartments of NIYA have two bedrooms and a living room. The price of such an apartment is less than a lot of other apartments, which are in the same location as the student apartment. Also, our apartments are mostly rented out with a fully equipped kitchen, new bathroom and a new floor. This way, future tenants only need to move in furniture. But did you know that NIYA also offers some apartments that already have furniture? You can always contact us to discuss the possibilities.

In short, when you are coming to the Netherlands, or if you want to move out of your current home, be sure to check with NIYA for the availability of student apartments!