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College rentals

Due to the number of international students coming to the Netherlands, the need for college rentals continues to grow. Yet, the actual amount of available college rentals is not increasing. Therefore, NIYA decided to go in a different direction to meet the ever-growing need for college rentals. That is why we also started renting out student apartments. Check out our current offer below.

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The college rental experience

NIYA’s student apartments are rented by two or three students. They have their own living room and bathroom, which increases the amount of privacy while still keeping the college rental experience.

For a few years now, the supply of student apartments has been increasing, and NIYA has been able to provide more and more homes for students. So, if you go to the Netherlands to find a college rental, student apartment, or any other kind of house, be sure to give us a call. We can surely help you and will do our utmost to find you a suitable place.

College rentals in Rotterdam

With all its colleges and universities, Rotterdam is one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands and therefore loved by international students. As thousands of students flock to the city every year, places like college rentals began to develop. This resulted in even more students, which only increased the snowball effect. For more than 20 years now, Rotterdam has been known worldwide as the place to be for international students.

Find your student housing with NIYA

Back in the day, about 15 years ago, NIYA was one of the first and one of the largest providers of college rentals, supplying a sturdy amount of college rentals and student rooms. With increased experience and ever thriving enthusiasm, we are still one of the leading agencies when it comes to student housing and college rentals in Rotterdam. From student apartments to student rooms, we got you covered!