Student flats

Student flats are a phenomenon that you can find more and more in the Netherlands. The increasing flock of international students causes the exponential increase in demand for student housing. That is why student flats were developed. Are you also looking a student flat or any other type of student housing? Then check out our entire offer below.

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What is a student flat?

A student flat is a form of off-campus housing, just like student studios or student apartments are. There are different types of this form of student housing. First of all, there are those that are designed as separate apartments. Then there are also flats that are set up as a community hub. Student flats that function as a community hub often have shared big kitchens and bathrooms and heavily rely on the student’s cohesion. This way, new things and bigger communities are created inside the flats themselves. For example, there are flats with barbers, hairdressers, restaurants and some even have a cinema!

Most of the time, the municipality or the rental agencies use empty warehouses or office buildings to function as a student flat. It is eco-friendlier to reuse a building than to build a new one from scratch. Next to that, reusing the empty buildings brings more livelihood in town.

Student flats to rent in Rotterdam and Delft

So, if you would like to experience the fun and social parts of living in a community, you should definitely look for student flats in Rotterdam or Delft! But please be beware, they rent out fast, so you have to act quickly when you see an available option. Luckily, more student flats are developed in the Netherlands each year to fulfil the need for student housing, and as soon as we have one available, you will see it on our website! Of course, you can always contact us in case you have any questions.